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Debt Management Companies

Debt management companies can help consumers in managing their credit card, mortgage, or car loan debt; and can assist with credit repair and some loan modification activities. Managing debt may include reducing the total debt, lowering the interest rates and/or monthly payments, or modifying the terms of a loan.

Hiring a debt management company?

Check proper registration. Be cautious of high fees.

If you have made the decision to look for help with your debt, make sure the company is properly registered with the state of Oregon. This is important as Oregon has many protections in place for consumers who use these services. Before you pay anyone to help you with your debt, be sure to:

  • Check to see if the company is registered in Oregon. Click here to search our online listing of registered companies including companies that are registered as HUD Foreclosure Counselors.
  • Know what services you are receiving and how much they cost. Be cautious of high fees, and read the fine print before you sign.
  • Compare offers from multiple companies.
  • Understand your rights.

For more information, including the fees a company can charge you, check our FAQs on debt management companies.

Be aware of solicitations.

Reduce your debt quickly!

House payment too high?

These are examples of catchy slogans that so-called debt management companies use to attract customers. Look at these red flags below - they are hints that the company looking for your business may be fraudulent.


Debt management or reduction

  • Makes claims of settling debt for "pennies on the dollar"
  • Claims their program will not adversely affect credit ratings
  • Instructs consumer not to pay creditors

Home Modifications

  • Instructs consumer to stop making mortgage payments
  • Directs consumer to send mortgage payment to them rather than mortgage company
  • Uses ads or mailings that are similar in design as those from government agencies
  • Performs a "forensic audit" - a review of mortgage loan documents for errors - and claims to be able to reach a favorable settlement with lender

Other red flags

  • Charges upfront fees
  • Solicits consumer by email, mail, phone calls or Internet pop-up ads
  • Guarantees positive results
  • Claims to be out-of-state attorneys* that are exempt from Oregon-required registration

*Only attorneys who are licensed or authorized to practice law in Oregon may provide debt management services, and only if they provide these services incidentally to the practice of law.

To see if a company is registered to do business in Oregon or to file a complaint, click here.

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